Tera 60 dust suppression unit

Explaining our range of Dust suppression units for hire.

For a lot of companies, the hot weather brings around a strong increase in productivity, on site, we get longer hours, less standing days and in recycling we have lighter and drier material and again longer hours in which we can process material. However this heat and dryness can lead to a familiar but unwanted issue, Dust! No matter how carefully we try and handle this material it just keeps rising and rising, causing difficulty with visibility and it can make our ground team quite unwell.

Our range of dust suppression units goes from small 20m throw 110v cannons right up to our 60m throw self contained all in one dust suppression cannon. Lets focus on our core options that are available starting with:

DD Tera 60 All in one dust suppression unit

DD Tera 60 dust suppression cannon
DD tera 60 all in one dust suppression solution from Willow Hire

Our latest unit to be placed on fleet and gain popularity amongst customers is the Tera 60 all in one dust control unit. The successor to the already popular DD75 all in one, the updated unit had significant input at design stage by the team at willow hire. We made some changes to improve the unit and give our customers:

  • Something more robust (so less damage bills)
  • A bigger throw of up to 60m (for higher demolition projects)
  • Adjustable water consumption (to make water last longer where in short supply)
  • Dedicated lifting points (easier to create lift plans and reduce risk of damage to unit whilst lifting.

The tera turns up ready to work, with an onboard generator and 2200 litre water tank, all it needs to get going is filling with water. Its atomiser spins out water into a fine mist before its powerful fan throws it into the middle of next week! The oscillation can be set prior to working to cover 359 degrees around the unit.

DD Tera 25/ AXO

DD Tera 25 110v Dust suppression unit from Willow hire

Our second most popular unit in the range is the Tera 25 / AXO dust suppression units. Powered by a 6kva 110v supply and fed by a standard garden hose water connection, these small dust suppression units are quick and easy to set up, but still pack a punch. The DD AXO dust control unit has a throw of 20 meters and is ideal for small demolition and strip out tasks as well as small material processing activities.

Working in a similar way to the Tera 60, the atomiser spins out water into adjustable droplet sizes before its fan pushes the mist out to the desired area.

Rain Gun Dust suppression bowser

Major rain gun bowser
Dust suppression bowser with rain gun

OK, so not every site is going to have localised dust that can be dealt with in a 120 meter radius, haul roads can be notoriously dusty during summer months, and being travelled by heavy vehicles only adds to the issue. Step in our 2200 gallon mega bowser.

The bowser has three different ways to keep dust at bay.

  • Splash plate – For heavy soaking of the ground
  • Sprinkler box – For lighter dampening of the ground
  • Rain Gun – For concentrating on dampening large stockpiles or crushing activities.

Towable by one of our 150hp tractors we can supply the complete package for large scale dust suppression.

Hopefully this little write-up will shed some light on our dust suppression range, and if you would like some help or more advice in choosing the dust suppression unit for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly team on 01582 840045 or hire@willowhire.com